Ryo Matsui Architects design all sorts of architecture and interior.
We have various experiences of projects such as commercial facilities, public facilities, educational facilities, accommodation facilities, residential facilities, airport facilities, etc. And we are working on sustainable project that respect trustful relationships, branding of companies and organizations, direction of public space and commercial facilities. We also actively design living spaces, such as houses and villas.



3-7-5-303, Ebisu-minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0022, JAPAN






Architecture, Interior, Furniture, Product, Art, Installation, Branding


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Ryo Matsui

1977  Born in Shiga prefecture
2004 Completed the Master Course of Fine Arts from the Tokyo University of the Arts,
2005 Founded Ryo Matsui Architects
2011  Start to be a lecturer in Tokyo City University


2018 JCD Design Award 2018, Silver Award [Sai] / Japan
2018 JCD Design Award 2018, Jury's Award [Sai] / Japan
2018 Good Design Award 2018, Good Design prize [Miraikan] / Japan
2015 AR House Awards 2015, Highly Commended/ Rebirth House / U.K.
2015 JCD Design Award 2015, Gold Award [Rebirth] / Japan
2015 JCD Design Award 2015, Gold Award [Hitoshinaya] / Japan
2014 ICONIC AWARD 2014, Architecture, Best of Best / Hair do / Germany
2014 ICONIC AWARD 2014, Interior, Best of Best / hotel nikko kumamoto / Germany
2012 JCD Design Award 2012, Jury's Award [Tokyo'sTokyo] / Japan
2010 Contractworld Award 2010, 1st prize in the category [Tierra] / Germany
2009 Good Design Award 2009, Good Design prize [Oveture] / Japan
2008 Good Design Award 2008, Good Design prize [Rakuten] / Japan
2007 Good Design Award 2007, Good Design prize [Resion] / Japan
2006 Resion Musashikosugi housing competition, First prize / Japan

exhibition & lecture

2019 Talk Lounge Ivent of Japan Commercial Environmental Design Association in Tokyo Design Center, Tokyo
2016 IPEC 2016/ INTERIOR PRO EX CO 2016 Special Lecture.
“Shared Words, Shared Space” in KOGAKUIN UNIVERSITY, Shinjuku Campus.
Annual of Spatial Design which is JCD, SDA and DSA stage in union, in TOYAMA UNIVERSITY, Faculty of Art and Design.
2015 “MAKE ALTERNATIVE TOWN”, the project of Warehouse Renovation by 5 young architects in Shibaura / the symposium is in Kenchikukaikan Gallery, Tokyo.
AGC studio Exhibition No.12, “the pleasantness of New Architecture 2014” and “Diversifying of Renovation” at AGC studio, Tokyo.
2014 Special Lecture “Architectural Thinking” at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok.
2010 Contractworld.congress 2010, the lecture of prize winner “Senses” in Hannover, Germany.
2009 TOSHIBA MILANO SALONE 2010 “OVERTURE“ in Milan, Italy.